noncompetitive inhibition

noncompetitive inhibition
неконкурентное ингибирование

English-russian biological dictionary. 2013.

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  • noncompetitive inhibition — inhibition of enzyme activity by a substance that combines with the enzyme at a site other than that utilized by the substrate, causing a change in enzyme configuration and a decrease in activity. Similarly, the inhibition of a hormone or… …   Medical dictionary

  • inhibition — /in i bish euhn, in hi /, n. 1. the act of inhibiting. 2. the state of being inhibited. 3. something that inhibits; constraint. 4. Psychol. a. the blocking or holding back of one psychological process by another. b. inappropriate conscious or… …   Universalium

  • inhibition — 1. Depression or arrest of a function. SEE ALSO: inhibitor. 2. In psychoanalysis, the restraining of instinctual or unconscious drives or tendencies, especially if they conflict with one s conscience or with societal demands. 3. In psychology, a… …   Medical dictionary

  • noncompetitive — non·com·pet·i·tive kəm pet ət iv adj involving or acting in inhibition of an enzyme by affecting its intrinsic catalytic activity rather than by competition with the substrate for the active site …   Medical dictionary

  • mixed inhibition — inhibition of enzyme activity in a manner that has features of both competitive and noncompetitive inhibition, both substrate binding and rate of turnover of the enzyme being affected …   Medical dictionary

  • Mixed inhibition — refers to a combination of two different types of reversible enzyme inhibition – competitive inhibition and uncompetitive inhibition. The term mixed is used when the inhibitor can bind to either the free enzyme or the enzyme substrate complex. In …   Wikipedia

  • Non-competitive inhibition — is a type of enzyme inhibition where the inhibitor reduces the activity of the enzyme, by binding not to the active site on the enzyme, but to a different site.[1] More specifically, it is a special instance of mixed inhibition where the… …   Wikipedia

  • enzyme — /en zuym/, n. Biochem. any of various proteins, as pepsin, originating from living cells and capable of producing certain chemical changes in organic substances by catalytic action, as in digestion. Cf. ase. [1880 85; < MGk énzymos leavened (Gk… …   Universalium

  • protein — proteinaceous /proh tee nay sheuhs, tee i nay /, proteinic, proteinous, adj. /proh teen, tee in/, n. 1. Biochem. any of numerous, highly varied organic molecules constituting a large portion of the mass of every life form and necessary in the… …   Universalium

  • U0126 — Drugbox IUPAC name = 1,4 diamino 2,3 dicyano 1,4 bis (2 aminophenylthio)butadiene width=230px CAS number= ATC prefix= ATC suffix= PubChem= DrugBank= C=18 | H=16 | N=6 | S=2 molecular weight = 380.49 g/mol bioavailability= metabolism = elimination …   Wikipedia

  • Dizocilpine — Systematic (IUPAC) name (+) 5 methyl 10,11 dihydro 5H dibenzo[a,d]cyclohepten 5,10 imine maleate Clinical data Pregnancy cat …   Wikipedia

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